CQC report rates Peninsula Heart Clinic as “GOOD” overall but also recognises outstanding practice

PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 18 April 2023:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has inspected the Peninsula Heart Clinic and awarded it with an overall rating of “GOOD”. This is the first rating of the heart clinic since it opened in 2019.

Peninsula Heart Clinic also won praise from the CQC for its innovative use of medical technology in delivering diagnostic procedures, and for developing enhanced systems to improve both patient outcome monitoring and patient feedback.

Under the heading of “Outstanding Practice”, the CQC reported: “Staff had developed patient education videos to reduce patient and family anxiety prior to a procedure and to introduce the staff they were likely to encounter during their treatment journey.”

There was particular praise for the vision, culture and leadership for the organisation. The report made the following findings:

·       The service had a vision for what it wanted to achieve and a strategy to turn it into action, developed with all relevant stakeholders. The vision and strategy were focused on sustainability of services and aligned to local plans within the wider health economy. Leaders and staff understood and knew how to apply them and monitor progress.


·       Staff felt respected, supported and valued. They were focused on the needs of patients receiving care. The service promoted equality and diversity in daily work, and provided opportunities for career development.


·       The service had an open culture where patients, their families and staff could raise concerns without fear.


·       Leaders had the skills and abilities to run the service. They understood and managed the priorities and issues the service faced. They were visible and approachable in the service for patients and staff. They supported staff to develop their skills and take on more senior roles.


·       Leaders operated effective governance processes, throughout the service and with partner organisations. Staff at all levels were clear about their roles and accountabilities and had regular opportunities to meet, discuss and learn from the performance of the service.


·       Leaders and teams used systems to manage performance effectively. They identified and escalated relevant risks and issues and identified actions to reduce their impact. They had plans to cope with unexpected events. Staff contributed to decision-making to help avoid financial pressures compromising the quality of care.


·       The service collected reliable data and analysed it. Staff could find the data they needed, in easily accessible formats, to understand performance, make decisions and improvements. The information systems were integrated and secure. Data or notifications were consistently submitted to external organisations as required.


·       Leaders and staff actively and openly engaged with patients, staff, equality groups, the public and local organisations to plan and manage services. They collaborated with partner organisations to help improve services for patients.



The CQC report also commented on the consistent high levels of patient feedback provided by the service, stating: “Patient feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We saw a patient feedback folder with many thank you cards and letters from patients who had used the service. Both friends and family form feedback and Google reviews showed the same positive comments. Over 99% of patients who gave feedback were extremely likely to recommend the clinic to friends and family. These comments were fed back to staff to support team morale.”

Peninsula Heart Clinic Board members welcomed the CQC report.

Mr David Smith, Registered Manager said: “This is our first CQC report since we opened in 2019 and we are extremely pleased that the professionalism and continued commitment to providing exceptional care for our patients has been recognised in this way.”

Dr Girish Viswanathan, Clinical Director of both Peninsula Heart Clinic and the Cardiology Department of University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust said: “This is an excellent report and a strong endorsement of the emphasis we place on delivering the safest and best possible care to patients with heart disease. Cardiology is a rapidly changing environment requiring leadership, technological innovation and ambition if it is to thrive. These key qualities have always been available in abundance at Peninsula Heart Clinic and their senior management team. Whatever challenges we face looking forward, I know patients will remain our focus, and our commitment to them will guide everything that we do.”

Dr Anil Ohri, Chief Executive Officer for Regent’s Park Healthcare, the parent company of Peninsula Heart Clinic, said: “This report is a fantastic achievement for Peninsula Heart Clinic.” He added: “Our mission has always been to provide world-class cardiac services using a specialist model that leverages innovation, the best-in-knowledge clinical pathways and smarter operating processes. This model is in play at Peninsula Heart Clinic and it has created value in several ways: Scale, standardisation and repetition of best practices increases operational efficiency. Staff are allowed to focus on doing a few things well as opposed to being stretched over multiple conditions. Concentrating efforts in our single specialty leads to a virtuous circle whereby we accumulate experience, improve safety, reduce cost and ultimately deliver better patient outcomes.”  


For further details and to read the full report, please go to:

Peninsula Heart Clinic begins providing complex cardiac electrophysiology & ablation services across the SW Region

PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 15 February 2021:

Peninsula is extremely pleased to announce it has started providing complex cardiac electrophysiology and ablation services to improve waiting lists across the South West Peninsula. More information to follow shortly.


PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 23 November 2020: 

Peninsula Heart Clinic, a joint venture between Regent’s Park Healthcare Ltd. (‘RPH’), and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (‘UHP’) is extremely proud to have been announced as the winner of the Public Private Partnership of the Year 2020.

The 2020 HealthInvestor Awards are called the ‘Oscars of Healthcare’ and are the biggest event of the year for the independent health industry.

Vernon Baxter, CEO of HealthInvestor UK presented the award and said: “This category was one of the most competitive, however, the judges picked out Regent’s Park for developing and operating a successful model of co-operation between the NHS and private sector in the design, build, finance and operation of healthcare services. All of this was achieved against a commercial and political background that must have required skilled handling of risk and reputational issues for all parties involved. Congratulations Regent’s Park & your partner, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, for your very well-deserved award.”

Background to the HealthInvestor Awards 2020:


  • The HealthInvestor Awards is designed to promote excellence and recognise innovation in the independent healthcare sector and attracts over 1,200 guests each year to a gala dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Mayfair, London.
  • Due to the coronavirus the event took place on the 15 October, with the awards ceremony hosted online as a fully immersive, and interactive digital experience complete with live-streamed content from the main stage, virtual bar and one-to-one networking opportunities.
  • With more than 250 submissions entered, successful entries were shortlisted before being sent to an independent panel of high-profile judges. This year, the judges were looking for organisations and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to healthcare in 2019, and the winners represent the leading players in this diverse and burgeoning market.

In his acceptance speech, Dr Ohri, CEO & Founder of Regent’s Park Healthcare, said:

“Thank you to the judges at HealthInvestor for your generous decision. On behalf of everyone at RPH and our NHS partners at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (‘UHP’), I receive this honour with deep gratitude and great humility. This award is all about our latest NHS private partnership called the ‘Peninsula Heart Clinic’, a pioneering project that was executed to strict timelines and financial constraints, making it one of our most challenging as well as rewarding projects to date.”

Dr Ohri added: “I would like to think this award is a validation of what we’re doing as a company and what we can achieve working with like-minded partners. I thank our NHS partners at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, in particular the following managers and doctors who provided constant encouragement, supporting us when things were going well and supporting us when things were not going well. Working tirelessly in the foreground and the background to make it happen, they are: Ann James, CEO, Nick Thomas, Deputy CEO, Chris Rapson, Kenny Naughton, Martyn Blackwell, all of consultant cardiologists but in particular Dr Venk Suresh, Dr Girish Vishwanathan and Dr Guy Haywood.

I would also like to thank all of my Peninsula Heart Clinic team, but especially David Smith our General Manager, Darren Waugh our Chief Nurse, Jenny Lavender our Lead Cardiac Radiographer, our Nursing & Admin team, Adeytola in patient transport and Becky in housekeeping.

He said: “Our business model over the last two decades has been based entirely around forging successful service partnerships with the NHS. At this time of national crisis with Covid-19, this could never be more important. And whilst this is not the time for clichés, I am optimistic about the future for our healthcare systems and believe crisis is the driving force of innovation. I certainly believe there will be exciting opportunities to co-operate, adapt and pivot across our sector.

Finally, I would like to pay a tribute to all our NHS & Regent’s Park staff and doctors who have been working and who continue to work in frontline clinical or admin roles at this testing time, I want to say that mere words can never convey the appreciation and enduring respect we have for you all.

Thank you again for this award, it will always be deeply cherished, and the recognition it brings is hugely up‐lifting for my company and our NHS partners – it certainly gives us a lot more energy and fuel in the tank to keep pushing forward.”

Ann James, CEO of University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust said: “Brilliant news everyone, really well done, a great partnership in action.” Nick Thomas, Deputy CEO of UHP said: “Fantastic news and recognition for all the hard work.”

PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 15 February 2021:

Peninsula is extremely pleased to announce it has started providing complex cardiac electrophysiology and ablation services to improve waiting lists across the South West Peninsula. More information to follow shortly.

PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 15 February 2021:

Peninsula is extremely pleased to announce it has started providing complex cardiac electrophysiology and ablation services to improve waiting lists across the South West Peninsula. More information to follow shortly.



PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 12 March 2020:

In March 2020 with COVID-19 crisis sweeping the globe, Peninsula Heart Clinic (PHC) managers and staff designed an innovative patient transportation device designed to offer protection to the patient and equipment whilst undergoing transportation to and from PHC and Derriford hospital, and potentially to and from the Helipad.

PHC got in touch with a local company called Luminati to express their urgent requirement for a prototype of their design. After discussions between PHC and Luminati, the clinical team and Luminati engineers got together to run through the design and manufacturing process. Drawings were prepared, a test frame was produced, and then a fully functional patient transportation cover was delivered, all inside of two weeks!

The transportation cover is particularly useful when transporting COVID‐19 patients as it reduces the transmission of nasal and airway secretions.

We will be approaching NHS Improvement for guidance on whether this canopy could now be successfully rolled‐out across the NHS.


PLYMOUTH, Devon, United Kingdom, 20 February 2020: 

We had planned for the Peninsula Heart Clinic to be formally opened in March 2020 by Johnny Mercer MP, but the pandemic meant this event was cancelled. More information to follow.


PLYMOUTH, University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust, 2 July, 2019: 

In February 2019, we announced a great new partnership with Regent’s Park Healthcare (RPH) to reduce waiting times for specialist cardiology treatment. RPH has built and just opened a specialist cardiology centre, called the Peninsula Heart Clinic (PHC) on the Derriford hospital campus.

PHC’s first patient, Pamela Robertson, was absolutely delighted with her treatment: “Everyone was so nice; they made a scary experience less scary. This was my fourth procedure and I would be very comfortable coming back here in the future as everyone was so lovely.”

RPH Chief Executive, Dr Anil Ohri and PHC General Manager, David Smith from Regent’s Park Healthcare commemorated the occasion with flowers and gifts.

The new facility is expected to treat around 1,500 NHS patients each year, seeing those requiring basic angiograms, straight-forward day-case Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) as well as patients requiring cardiac devices. In a partnership arrangement, the new centre offers services for NHS patients three days per week initially. It is staffed by RPH cath lab and recovery staff, with consultants from University Hospitals Plymouth carrying out the procedures.

Similar cardiology public-private partnerships are running elsewhere in the country but in most areas, this work is outsourced to an off-site facility. The NHS retains control in this arrangement using a private facility situated on an NHS site, building on Plymouth’s status as a centre of excellence for cardiothoracic services.


WILTSHIRE, United Kingdom, 17 February, 2019: 

Regent’s Park Healthcare Ltd. (RPH), an independent healthcare company specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, today announced it has entered into a ground-breaking partnership with University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHP).<br><br>
The RPH &amp; UHP partnership will lead to the development of a state-of-the-art cardiology centre, to be called the ‘Peninsula Heart Clinic’, based within Derriford hospital and situated on land opposite the South West Cardiothoracic Centre. The new heart clinic will expand cardiology capacity, reducing NHS waiting times and build on UHP’s reputation for being a centre of excellence for cardiothoracic services across the South West of England.
Dr. Anil Ohri, Chief Executive of RPH said: “This partnership is excellent news for patients and the local economy in and around Plymouth. The multi-million pound investment we are making will create 21 new jobs and rapidly lower waiting times for people to access life-saving treatments.” Dr. Ohri added: “This new venture is perfectly aligned with our long-term strategy of working with NHS cardiac departments to address their operational challenges whilst improving patient experience and clinical outcomes. The Peninsula Heart Clinic will expand our nationwide network of healthcare services and confirm our position as the UK’s leading NHS partner of managed cardiology services.”

Peninsula Heart Clinic is scheduled to open in July 2019.

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