Key benefits to Private Patients

Fast Access times
Due to the urgency of their treatment or outstanding work commitments, it may not be feasible for some patients to wait. Once referred to us or if you choose to contact us directly for an appointment, we can offer almost immediate access.

We provide a one-stop service for cardiac disease under one roof for all our private patients. We call this our ‘one-stop-shop’ model of care as it means a consultant can provide a consultation with medical examination → refer a patient for relevant investigations → review the results of the investigations and form a diagnosis → formulate a care plan ranging from one of more of the following → book the patient for a cath lab procedure/begin or alter medication/request further investigations.

Quality & Safety
Our close partnership with University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and location within Derriford hospital means we have excellent access to a comprehensive range of clinical and hospital support services. We use the same governance and accountability procedures and standards as the NHS, so patients can rest assured that they will be looked after.

Focused approach
Our focused approach on elective cardiology procedures means our NHS partners can prioritise emergency work. This means routine elective cases which take lower priority are no longer cancelled. This split of ‘elective versus emergency’ procedures is a key benefit of our service model.

Our additional capacity helps alleviate pressure on NHS waiting times which reduces NHS waiting times and reduces NHS workloads. The extra capacity also means less patients have cancelled operations.

Patient choice
Some patients may wish to use their private medical insurance or self-fund their care. We offer patients the ability to access private care whilst maintaining the same level of quality for everyone, regardless of how their care is funded.

Continuing care
Our care continues after a cath lab procedure. Within 24 hours after a procedure we contact a patient to ensure they are making a good recovery. We also inform their GP, letting them know their patient has received their treatment and has been discharged.

Infection control and cleanliness
All our heart clinics employ rigorous cleaning schedules and practice strict infection prevention and control processes – this keeps our patients safe and ensures our infection rates are extremely low or zero.

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